Termites vs ants with wings

Not sure if what you have is termites or just ants with wings?

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Termite swarmers are a clear indication of a termite infestation.

   As temperatures rise we always see an increase in insect activity. This year will be no different. fire ants, Spiders and many other pests are becoming more active inside and around homes. The most noticeable pest that we have seen activity from lately is Termites. Termite swarmers have been spotted by our company in Fayetteville and Raleigh. Termites are social insects and they have various social classifications. The worker termites are the lowest in the social caste while the queen termite is the highest. The queen termite in a termite colony came from the social caste of reproductive termites wherein they grow wings during swarming season so that they will have to move out from their colony to form a new colony.

   Termites have their social season and this is usually termite swarmers look like ants with wingsdepending on the size of the colony, weather condition, and the specie of termites. When we talk about swarming season, this usually refers to the time when the reproductive classification of termites has grown their wings so that they can fly and mate with each other in order to form new colonies.

   The swarming season is the time wherein termites are visible to us humans and upon seeing these swarms of termites you need to immediately do something before the termites can possibly cause further damage to your home. Swarming of termites is generally one of the most obvious signs of termite infestation.

    You may be wondering what comprises a swarm of termites. Actually, these swarmers are composed of newly matured male and female termites that will mate in an attempt to start their own colonies. Initially, they will fly around for a while as a group; then, they will separate by pairs in order to form their own termite colonies. Once the king and the queen have already selected a place to live and to build their nest, their wings would already fall off and their bodies would begin to increase in size.

The queen can lay as much as 5 eggs per minute and in just a short period of time, it can form a powerful colony that can infest and damage your home in an instant. Thus, once your see termite swarmers in your home or even outside your home, you need to be very careful and do immediate action in order to resolve any problems of termite infestation.