Raleigh termite inspection

    Termite Inspection Options for  Fayetteville and all surrounding areas


      Termites are a major threat in the Fayetteville, N.C. area. It is extremely important that your home or business is inspected for termites by a trained professional about once per year. We have several different termite inspection options.

  1. Get an official North Carolina Wood-Destroying Insect information report (WDIR): This Termite inspection is for properties that are for sale or are being refinanced. 
  2. Pre-market WDIR: A Termite inspection conducted like a Wood-Destroying Insect report for homeowners who are thinking about selling their home or would like a written termite report every year to file with home maintenance records.
  3. FREE Termite Inspection/Estimate: A basic termite inspection to determine if you have an existing termite infestation. Also for homeowners who think they may see termite evidence and would like a professional to verify if it is infact termites for FREE.

Getting a Termite Inspection in 3 easy steps.

  1.   Just fill out the form to the right or Call AAA Exterminating Co. today! Fayetteville and all surrounding areas (910) 425-6210.
  2.  We will set up an appointment to have a qualified termite expert inspect your home for termites.
  3.   Get an honest and accurate termite inspection.