Wood Destroying insect report pre market

     Find out what problems exist in your clients home before you put the time and effort into marketing it. When a deal falls through because of major termite or moisture problems in the crawl space it can cost you thousands of dollars in wasted time and marketing efforts. We are experts at Termite inspections for real estate transaction and we can help you avoid this. Our pre market WDI inspection is more than just a termite inspection. We will conduct the inspection just like we would an Official WDI Report and also alert you to other problems we see such as:

  • Fallen insulation
  • Leaking pipes
  • High moisture in the crawl space
  • Broken air ducts
  • Decay in floor system
   We will put our findings in writing with a graph of the house. We will also make recommendations on how to correct issues we find. The more information you have before you list the house the better prepaired you will be when buyers begin to show interest.