Pest Control Services

    One of the best ways to protect your home's value and overall livability is to keep it pest free. In the Fayetteville, N.C. area we have a wide variety of pests, some of which can be a nuisance year round. Hiring a Pest Control company to help you maintain a pest free home is a great investment. As Pest Control Professionals we know exactly what it takes to keep your investment secure from destructive pests. We have a wide variety of pest control services available for Fayetteville area home owners ranging from one time service to scheduled maintenance service. We also offer pest control with or without a contract.

  Our goal is to find pest sources and any pest-friendly conditions, using the principles of integrated pest management (IPM). We block entry points and we get rid of nesting sites, to keep any new pests from entering.

A wide variety of Pest control options for Fayetteville area home owners.


  Pest control is not the type of service that can be packaged and sold like other products or services. Pest problems can vary widely from structure to structure. In order to offer the best service possible we try to keep our options as open as we can when it comes to how we handle pests.

   Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is the foundation of how we do pest control. The first thing we do is a thorough inspection of the property to determine what types of pests may be infesting the structure. Then we look at conditions that may be conducive to pests such as moisture, food sources or easy access to the structure. Once these are identified we can then determine what type of treatment will best remedy the problem.

We also offer Pest Control Maintenance agreements that are designed to keep your home pest free so that you never have a problem. This service can be tailored to your specific needs

Here are some of the Pest Control Services we provide.

  • Monthly/Bi-Monthly Pest Control Service
  • Quarterly Pest Control Service
  • Annual Pest Control Service
  • Yard sprays
  • One time service

To schedule service or to find out more about our pest control services fill out the form to the right or give us a call.           

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