Local Pest Control Service Options  

     AAA Exterminating Co. Offers a wide variety of local pest control services to Homeowners in Fayetteville and all surrounding areas. Our terms are flexible and our service is unbeatable.

Quarterly Pest Control Service: Average price $65.00

  • No initial fee
  • No contract required
  • guaranteed results
  • No charge for call backs or resprays
  • Program can be customized to include treatment inside of home, crawl space and yard.
  • Most of the time we can maintain control without the use of any pesticides inside your home.

One time services available:

  • No contract required
  • Reasonable prices
  • Free estimates
  • Guaranteed results **Note** some problems such as heavy roach infestations or bedbugs may require a follow up treatment, However we will inform you of this before service.

Mosquito program available:

  • Comprehensive inspection
  • Suggestions on how to reduce possible larval habitats on property
  • Chemical applications to areas known to harbor mosquitoes.

Termite Protection options:

Termite contracts:

  • 10 year renewable termite contracts, that can be continued for life.
  • Termidor and Premise available. (Baiting programs also available upon request)
  • Full Termite Treatment option(Full drill out of garage and porches) with no waiver of the NC Structural Pest Control division's minimum requirements.
  • Perimeter Termite Treatment option(Just as effective but less intrusive to the structure) waiver required.
  • Termite Spot Treatment option If you have termites but are unable to treat the entire structure we can treat the area of infestation.

Termite Inspections:

  • Yearly termite inspection maintenance:  for homeowners not under contract. We will keep records of your inspections for you and remind you every year when it is time to have your inspection.
  • Wood-Destroying Insect Inspection Reports (WDI-100): For real estate transactions or refinances
  • Pre-Market WDI inspection: Inspection to help prepare your home for the market.

Crawl Space Moisture Control:

  • Vapor barriers
  • Moisture readings
  • Sump pumps
  • consultations