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Worried about bed bugs? We can help.

  1.     If you think you have seen any evidence of bed bugs in your home you need a professional inspection immediately. Fill out the Form to the right or call one of our offices in either Raleigh or Fayetteville and we will send a certified Pest Control professional to your home at no charge to give you a FREE inspection and evaluation.
  2.     If you know for certain that you have a bed bug infestation we can usually give you an estimate over the phone or through email. Bed bugs will not just go away and it is very unlikely that you will be able to exterminate bed bugs yourself. Bed bug infestations usually require an experienced professional to at least evaluate the situation and give you some good advice.
  3.     Don't change any behaviors until you have gotten professional advice. Sometimes things like sleeping in another room, Staying with a relative or putting everything in bags can make your situation worse.
  AAA Exterminating Co. has been on the front lines since the Bed bug population began to rise in North Carolina. We have developed a solid treatment strategy that has been extremely successful.