AAA Exterminating pest and termite truck


   We are AAA Exterminating Co. and this is what we would like you to know about us.


  First I would like to tell you about our website and why the information here will be valuable to you.

    This site is not meant to be just an ad or a sales pitch, it is intended to provide users with valuable information about pest related issues. Our Blog is updated at least a couple times a week and is packed with stories of our experiences from the field. Several guides will be published on ways to prevent pest problems and even some do it yourself pest control tips.

    The site is primarily intended for homeowners, realtors, builders our anyone who regularly finds themselves in need of a pest control professional. Over the years we have spent alot of time with our customers helping them with pest problems, answering questions and finding solutions. We will be telling those stories and giving examples of how we were able to help on our pest control blog. Our primary area of expertise is Wood destroying insect inspection reports (WDI 100). Over the years there have been many instances where a Realtor found themselves in a tight spot and either needed a report done really fast, the findings of another company disputed or verified and sometimes even help with dealing with an out of state over writer. We have specialized in this service for over 30 years, and we have established an excellent reputation with realtors, banks, attorneys and even our competitors.

Benefits to visiting our site regularly include:

  • Getting the latest information about pests in your area and what you need to know to prevent them.
  • Stories about our field experiences, which may help you with an issue you have had.
  • Helpful links to identify pests or learn more about your local community.
  • Easy ways to contact a specialist to answer your questions. (Just fill out any of our forms)

Now a little bit about who we are

    AAA Exterminating Co. is a true family business. We have been around since 1973 (over 38 years). Thurman and Ruth Everitte were the founders of the company. At the time Thurman had recently retired from the military after about 25 years of service and Ruth was working nights at a cotton mill in Massey Hill. Ruth cooked for the family, cleaned, worked a full time night job, got the kids ready for school everyday and still ran the business. AAA Exterminating Co. would not exist today if not for her, everyone who knew her would vouch for that. .

The next generation

    Thurman and Ruth had three children, who have all been involved with the company at some point. Ottis Everitte is the current owner of the company and has been a full time part of it from the beginning. Ottis has established the companies reputation as honest and reliable. I doubt there is a single real estate agent who has been in business for over 10 years in the Fayetteville area who doesn't know Ottis or wouldn't trust what he says. Even our established competitors will tell you that Ottis Everitte is an honest man and has a good reputation, that is what we owe our success and customer loyalty to.

Third generation

     Ottis's son Tommy Everitte was the field manager of the company and has currently moved on to form his own company in the Raleigh area. Tommy has been with the company full time since he was old enough to legally work in the business, but even before that he would go with Ottis on service calls after school. Tommy's wife Kelly has been with the company since around 1999 and is now the office manager of Tommy's Company in Raleigh.